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UTM Process Safety Professional Course : Legal Requirements, Recalculating, Understanding And Utilizing Your CIMAH Report

A recent study shows that the contribution of process safety to major accidents in the Chemical Process Industry (CPI) is significant and the trend of accident rate has not been decreasing; causing multiple effects of fatality, severe property damaged as well as pollution to the environment. In Malaysia, there are laws and regulations that outline the requirements to a proper management of major hazard and non-major hazard installations under the Occupational Safety and Health (Control of Industrial Major Accident Hazards) Regulation 1996. Based on UTM current research, majority of chemical plant personnel seem not to have a good understanding of the Safety Report, instead most of them are heavily dependant on the CIMAH Competent Person only. As a result, the inherent hazards of the chemical processes are not well understood and hazards are not being properly managed. Therefore, this course is intended to improve the knowledge and understanding of the major hazards, in regards to the inherent process hazards, the calculation of risks and the utilization of the finding in the CIMAH report for the preparation in case of emergency.

At the end of the course:
Participants will appreciate and understand the legal requirement in major hazards installation.
Participants will be able to calculate and verify the risk using the common quantitative risk assessment (QRA).
Participants will understand their plant’s major hazards and risks.
Participants will be able to utilize the finding of CIMAH report for risk reduction at site.

CEO, MD & Management Committee of NMHI and MHI.
Plant / Utility Managers.
Process Designers / Engineers / Technologies Potential CIMAH Competent Persons, Safety & Health Officers, Environment Officer. Other people who are interested in PSM.

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