What Should Student Set Out To Achieve During University Years? 

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 ☕: #-! ] . Did #-! stir up some excitement? Well then mark your calendars as our third coffee talk session is here!!! The details are as follows :- . Title : What should student set out to achieve during university years?  Date : 12th May 2020 ⏰Time : 3.00 p.m. (UTC+8) . Register now and grab […]

Strategies to Build High Performing Student Organisation

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. As a university student, we are bound to involve ourselves in clubs and societies. In our later years, we might even be the leaders of our respective organisations. An exceptional, high-performing student organisation however, will require various strategies and plans to be implemented by the leaders, especially now where our interactions are fully online. […]

Personal Financial Advice to Students

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It is wise for us as students to always keep our financial status in check. The earlier we are aware of how we spend our money, the greater the benefits we'll have later on in the future. . What is the most essential way to save as students? What motivates one to save? What are […]